Your vote is your voice! Tim is asking for your vote!

The Soul of Iowa is on the ballot.

Who are we as a state? What are our priorities?

Iowa Can Be #1 in Education Again!

Tim Knutson believes in a great education for all of Iowa's children.

Iowans Deserve Healthcare Solutions

Real solutions to our healthcare crisis in Iowa exist. See what Tim Knutson proposes.

The Choice is Stark.

A representative who fights for your healthcare or one who votes against your interests.

Medicaid--Everything You Need to Know.

Medicaid touches nearly every Iowan's life at some point but it is misunderstood by many.

What do the IA Healthcare Changes Mean?

Learn about the 2018 Iowa changes to the rules for what is allowed for "products" sold as health insurance.

Family Farm Economics

Our family farmers are paying a hefty price for the current trade war. They deserve our support.

Prioritizing Public Education

The Iowa Legislature has underfunded our public schools for 9 of the last 10 years. We must change our priorities.

Our Universities are in Peril

The drastic cuts to funding Iowa's universities are unsustainable. We must restore adequate funding.

Healthcare and Fairness for ALL Iowans!

Tim is running to ensure healthcare and fairness for all Iowans, particularly those in HD51.

Meet Tim Knutson!

Tim is running to be your representative and your voice from House District 51 in DesMoines.